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Knitting in the Garden - Success with Peas

In mid-January I planted a 30" square raised bed with snap peas, snow peas and some curly mustard around the edge [clams cooked with garlic, black beans, and mustard greens is one of my favorites]. The knitted netting really helps the plants by excluding the snails and birds. I don't use any of the metaldehyde snail chemicals. I have found slug damage on some pak choi, so far for that I sprinkle iron sulfate, which is an organic slug and snail control.


The bottom of the plastic frame for the bed was lined with metal hardware cloth [1/2" x 1/2"] for vole, mole and gopher protection. There is a trellis on a diagonal in the center of the bed. I kept the top part of the netting closed for the first 45 days.

After a couple of weeks


Feb 20 2012 - 35 days after planing the peas have sprouted along with the curly mustard. There were a few thin spots in the pea rows so I filled in with a few more seeds in the sparser parts. The raised bed behind the peas will be strawberries.


Mar 30 2012 - the lower portion has filled up with plant. I opened the top about a week before I took this pic to let them out.

Peas beginning to riot!

Now it is mid April and the vines are robust, the leaves huge, nearly the size of my fist and incredibly delicious - I mix them with salad greens.

peas semi open
Apr 14 2012 - I pulled the netting down to display the curly mustard which is about ready for some thinning. The pease are starting to blooms and the vines are full of buds - looks pretty yummy to me.


The plants are really doing well with leaves nearly the size of my closed hand. The netting kept the snails off the plants for a many weeks while the seeds germinated and thrived in the slightly protected bed. And, the blue jay didn't get them like before. I saw him eyeing the structure while he hopped along the fence.

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